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Check Your
Tax Refund Status

You may call toll – free or go online to check the status of your income tax return E-filed by Superior Tax and Accounting Services. Please have the following information ready:

  • Social Security Number ( of primary taxpayer, if filing jointly)

  • Your filing status ( Did you file, Single, Joint, Married filing separately, Head of Household, Widowed)

  • The exact dollar amount of refund you are expecting from your tax return

Federal Tax Return (IRS)

Call toll-free (800) 829-1040 or visit IRS Refund Status

To inquire about an offset to your refund please call (800) 304-3107


Massachusetts (MASS) State Refund

Call toll-free (800) 392-6089 

or visit MA Refund Status

Connecticut (CT) State Refund

Call toll-free in CT (800) 382-9463

Call from other States (860) 297-5962

or visit CT Refund Status

New York (NY) State Refund

Call toll-free(800) 443-3200 or (800) 225-5829

or visit NY Refund Status

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